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Edge of Darkness

For hundreds of years there were stories of elves, dragons and demons. Strange creatures and wondrous places filled the stories of distant travelers. Knights were our heroes and they slew the monsters that dwelt where no living person would go. Maidens whose beauty was told of far and wide in epic stories. Whispered tales of treasure hordes and the twisted creatures that held watch over them. Then, very abruptly, the stories stopped. People say we became enlightened. We “out grew” our child hood fantasies. We, as a people, rationalize that those things can’t exist out side of our imagination. They don’t exist because we don’t believe in them.

But what if I told you they were true. What if every thing you ever thought was under your bed at night was really there. Every terror that ever crossed your mind was a warning trying to help keep you safe. You don’t believe me. Good. You’re another one that won’t be ready until its too late. The shadows are getting deeper and longer. Listen, you can hear them scratching at the wall.

Let me give you a little glimpse into the dark recesses that your mind wont let you go. Terror so dark, you can taste it. Let me tell you about the Veil….

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Edge of Darkness baxbunny007