Edge of Darkness

How it begins.
The Veil
The Veil has been around from the start of time. Then Veils countryside is a shadow of our own. Let me start at the Veils beginning for you. It started, they say, with a single soul. Her name was Lilith. A maiden so full of life that when she died her essence became a copy of the land she loved. It is full of overgrown forests, crystal streams and big stone castles. There were animals that dwelt in her groves and oceans. It was void of other people other than Lilith. It remained in perfect balance. Lilith was there was to walk its streets alone. Lonely she longed for a mate. A soul to be her Adam in this new garden that was the wish she held dear. And that, they say, was when the Veil’s protective gate started to crack.

Man had started to disbelieve in things. There was no such thing as magic. There were no happy endings. The Elves saw it coming. They went deep into the mountains looking for the wisdom of the oldest race, the Dwarves. Man would not go quietly into this time of ignorance. They would destroy everything they did not understand. The crusades were crossing the land wiping out everyone who didn’t believe as they did. But the Dwarves had a problem of their own. Something that was growing in the darkest reaches of the world. The Source.

The Source was the birthplace of some of the most horrific creations. It twisted all the people it touched. Throwing them into fits, making them liars and killers, driving others to madness. Man saw the strange signs of evil growing. The church took special note. They became the only ones to still believe that if there was a holy power there must also be an equally evil power out there. Dwarves spoke of the Source as if it was alive. Man would be no help to them. The world of man, desperate to blame someone pointed at what they could not understand and blamed them.

The Dwarves sent word to all of his allies that they were leaving. The Elves knew of the Veil and they had a plan. There was a special race that dwelt in the forests that could cross over the Veil’s gate. The elves hid their cities in the forests. For eight days they waited until the approach of man and the Source grew so close the land began to die under their feet. The promised ones arrived from their straw villages in the forests. The Lupines.

The Lupines cut open the Veil’s gate. It popped and crackled like a lighting storm filled with broken glass. The mountain shook then exploded under the force sending smoke and fire into the sky. A little over half of those who were there died in those few moments. The survivors passed through the Veil’s gate to the other side. Slowly the rip in the gate closed. But in the may lay something went unnoticed. The Source had arrived just moments before man. Quietly, it slipped threw the hole. Then the gate shut, not with a mighty clap of thunder but rather a whimper of what was to come.

The Dwarves had rallied with the Elves to flee the impending doom. Taking with them other mystical creatures. Man stopped believing in these storybook creatures shortly afterwards. The remaining few were forgotten or hunted to extinction. There were the exceptions…

Some men didn’t turn their back on what myths were made of. They searched for magic and were rewarded with what little was left. Some learned of the Veil and found ways to cross over from their world to Liliths. They entered her world of medieval life. They slayed the dragons and rescued the princess. Lilith retreated into the overgrown lands with her chosen mates. Finally happy she turned her power over this realm over to the noble Lupines.

The Lupines vowed never to open a hole in the Veil that wide ever again. It almost destroyed them and the worlds they loved. Happily they would still cross back and forth between this realm and the world of man as they wished. Taking only a few with them at a time. Men who came across married and mated with the Elves and Dwarves. Creating wonderful new races. The lands became rich with music and art. A kingdom was set up for the queen of the Lupines, Amber Loon. The men swore their allegiance to her and the Knights of the Rose were formed. Leading them was a brave young knight named Nesser Ravenwood.

The Source waited. It was very weak in this world and could not open the Veil itself. It had a greater effect back on the world of man from here. It still caused madness and derangements. But as long as Queen Amber sat on the throne she had control of most of this realm. The Source searched until it found a mage crossing the Veil. With a flick of its finger it decapitated the Mage and propped the gate open.

From there it worked its plan. It called out to the souls of the dead. Ghosts. It lured them in. Tempting them with this world. They started to arrive. Granted only a few of those who die are strong enough to become ghosts. And not all of them make it to the Veil. When they arrive they are alive again. Breathing, eating and god forbid singing. They are the newest visitors to arrive one by one. As they walk around they start to feel uneasy. As if they are being watched. They are. The Source slowly torture their soul. The land becomes dark and nightmarish. Then the Source devours them.

The Source quietly sat and grew fat. Twisting and manipulating people and animals when they drew too near its layer. It amassed an army. Hiding them in the deepest and darkest places in this realm. Inch after inch claiming more space for itself. Then one morning it appeared on the horizon. It lead its army on the long march to Queen Ambers castle. The Knights of the Rose charged out meeting them on the battle field. The fight went on for days. The Knights were outnumbered. The Dwarves were sending help, as were the Elves in the next land but the fear was they would arrive too late.

The Source used its ancient powers to drive it’s followers forward and strike fear in the hearts of the defending army. Soon Nesser was brought before the Source. He gazed upon its evil with his own eyes. He was the last defender. Around him were piled the bodies of his fellow knight. The creatures sat on the piles eating from the freshly dead. The Source spoke. It offered him a deal.

They say the Source offered that he could run away and would be spared. He declined. Then, the Source offered him power. The power to win this battle and protect the kingdom. He declined. Then he offered him the life of Queen Amber. There was a great pause. He excepted.

The Source reached out and touched his essence. Burning his soul like white hot metal pressing into his brain. The air became black and heavy. The world spinning out of control. When it ended Nessers body lay beaten on the battle ground floor. His soul twisted forever. She is yours the Source whispered in his ear.

Fangs grew from his mouth and claws from his hands. He had been changed into a creature of the night. A Vampire. The worst the world would ever see. He set himself on the castle. Knowing each and every secret it held. Killing the queen in a week. Hunting the rest of her pack down over the following month. In the end a single mans faith pushed Nesser threw the Veil back to the world of man.

The Source was pleased. Pressing its own band of twisted creatures back with him. A small army to fill the world of man. That’s how it began. Not really a bed time story for children is it. You know as long as you keep believing that they don’t exist your probably safe. They might leave you alone. But that thing you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye, the sound you couldn’t explain in the next room… Once they know you’ve seen them they don’t try to hide anymore. But it’s ok. Just tell them you don’t believe.

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